Saturday, June 09, 2007


What's the Haps

So it's been a while. Maybe I'll get more consistant again.

Anyway, a lot has been going on. Andrea and I moved back to Kansas City. It was a tough decision. I of course did not want to leave my friends, and it will be a little more difficult to do what I want to do here in KC, but in the end it pretty much came down to finances. I'm getting married, I want to buy a house, I will be having kids sometime in the next decade. These things would have been very hard or impossible living in Los Angeles. Plus, I have to admit, LA kind of sucks. There are great things about that city, but living life day to day there borders on soul crushing. In the end, the only thing holding me there was my friends, and, sorry guys, that's not enough. My hope is to visit a lot, and certainly if something comes up career wise I will move back if necessary, but I'm pretty much done with LA at this point.

Hey, great news. Team Atrox Unlimited's entry in the Mayday film festival won "Best in Show." Sure, it's mostly a bunch of friends damn near killing themselves by making a movie in 24 hours "just for fun," but it still feels pretty good. Plus our lead actress Nell took home "Best Actress." We rule!

Anyway, that's all for now. I'll try and post again once I start seeing some movies/watching TV (still haven't watched the "Veronica Mars" finale). Plus I am sure to have something to say about "The Sopranos" finale on Monday.

See ya soon!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Favorite Rumor?

My favorite rumor of the moment is that Anna Nicole Smith's son was offed because he is actually the father of her child.

I don't know why, but that makes me laugh really hard. I think I'm a bad person.

Friday, August 04, 2006



If your best friend Harry has a brother Larry who's getting married, why would you be the best man?

Thursday, August 03, 2006



New rule. Anyone who drops the "c" in Pic-tures gets taken out back and shot.

Next? Anyone who makes the "cc" in Ac-cesories an "s" sound. A little stacato in our lives is a good thing people.

What was the point of this post?

Oh, right, you can go look at my comic-con photos if you'd like.

Monday, July 31, 2006



There's a new stip over at The Atrox.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Motherfucking Comic-Con Motherfuckers

So, it's been a while. I's been busy a'ight!

Um, so what happened at comic-con? Jeff has a lot to say about it. Also, so does Lindsay. Oh, and Mike. Oh, oh, and Paul. I will try and cover what they did not.

LA traffic is stupid. It took us a third of the time to travel twice the distance once we got out of LA county.

The hotel charged everything up front in advance. I've never had a place do that before. At least not that I can remember.

I was impressed with how quick we got our passes on Wednesday night. I had heard horror stories about waiting in line. Also, they didn't ask for ID, so Mike was able to be Earth-2 Jeff Stone for a couple of days. Leslie was super excited that it was Frank and my's first time. She made sure to watch our faces when we walked on the floor. That place is fucking huge. And there are nerds EVERYWHERE. Also, hot girls. I spent the first part of the evening following people around as I was a little unsure what to do with myself. Once I got my Con legs under me, I did a little shopping. The first thing I got was a present for Andrea (awww). It was a stuffed turtle (she loves turtles). I told here she could name him Squinty because he has squinty eyes (also, I bought it from an Asian dude...who's a racist?). Or Con 'cause I bought him at Comic-Con. She chose Con. I then bought a Green Lantern shirt and a Transformers shirt. I was with Leslie and Emory most of the night, and we pretty much just wandered around and bought stuff. After we left we had dinner at Denny'.

I started Thursday by learning about copyright law. It was interesting. I learned a lot of cool stuff, but most of it was useless to us at the point where we are in our webcomic lives. But at least it was a good time. I then briefly stopped at the Rosario Dawson comic panel, but I was too far away to bask in her hotness, so I left. I then ran into Emory waiting for the Chopra/Morrison panel (see Jeff's blog). He was content to chill there. I was not. So I hit the floor. The only interesting thing that happened there was I took a picture of this tall girl on stilts and her hot companion. They gave me a flyer for their booth. They had a book that was pretty cool, with awesome art. And the artist signed the book for me (I went back and got the author's). Also, the artist was eastern Europe's Leslie Levings. I then went back for Chopra/Morrison (see Jeff's blog). Afterwards Emory, Leslie and I went to go get food. Cause we hadn't eaten. We ate at this place called "Dick's" where the whole point is for people to be obnoxious. The waiter threw cups at us twice. It was awesome! Emory and I then made our way back to check out the kung-fu presentation while Leslie went to meet her friends Andrew, Hillary and Karen who came down from San Francisco. The kung-fu thing was lame so Emory and I cut out to go meet everyone at "Joe's Crab Shack." It was fun. Once again, see Jeff's blog.

Thursday's Mystery of the Day: Did Jeff sleep in his jeans?
Answer: No

Friday was spent mostly in Hall H. The Universal panel was pretty awesome. We saw a preview for this movie called "Children of Men," directed by Alfonso Curaon. It looks great. The plot is pretty standard distopian future stuff, but the whole thing was done with long, uninterrupted shots. There's one shot that takes place during a battle scene, and it goes on for ten minutes. Also, we got to see footage from the "King Kong: Extended Edition" DVD. Looks cool. We missed most of the Paramount panel, but the key bit of information that was gathered we did see at the end. They showed a video clip of Michael Bay saying he was sorry he couldn't be there or show any footage for "Transformer", but they had just added a new member to the cast. The video then faded out, and this dude came on stage with a cell phone. He held the cell phone to the mic, and motherfuckin' Optimus Prime was on the other end. As Emory said, now that movie is perfect. All the people that work at Lucasfilm can lick my hairy taint. Finally, there were motherfuckin' Snakes on a motherfuckin' Plane. Man that panel was awesome. Even my fear of snakes couldn't keep me from enjoying the hell out of that shit. The only thing I did outside of Hall H on Friday was go to the "Battlestar" panel. I'm super happy I finished season 2 before hand, as I would have been spoiled on it if I hadn't. The highlight was Olmos informing us that season 3 is going to be ten times darker than everything that has come before. Oh yeah, and we learned in the panel before that that they are releasing the Richard Donner cut of "Superman II."

Friday's Mystery of the Day: Who wants to rape Emory?
Answer: Frank and 2 and 1/2 more people

I spent almost all of Saturday on the floor. I got some "Serenity" stuff (more on that later) and some more comics. Also, I took a lot of pictures of all of the nerds. Saturday is the big day, and everyone comes dressed up. It was pretty impressive. Mostly it's cool because all of these shy people totally let loose knowing that for once in their lives, they won't be judged but celebrated. Specifically it's cool to see all the girls that clearly don't show any skin 364 days a year let loose and come in gold bikinis and the like. The only thing I did outside the floor on Saturday was go to the "Veronica Mars" panel. This was slightly disappointing as I had already learned all the information they dispelled. However, there was an entertaining moment in the Q&A. This dude got up and informed Kristen Bell that he lived in her old apartment, and had received a package in the mail for her and he had brought it to give to her. She asked which apartment, and he reminded her where it was, and she clearly knew he wasn't lying. So he brought it to the security guy and he put it on the stage. Kristen then looked at the return address, and commented that it was from her agent who clearly did not realize she had moved two years ago. It is common thinking that it was a foot massager

The best part of the con happened on Saturday night when we were leaving. I was walking to our tram stop, when I looked to my right and noticed there was a group of girls conversing with some dude. Then I realized, simply by the back of his head, that it was Joss Whedon. I walked directly over to him. On the way, I ran through my brain trying to think of anything I could have him sign. I then realized that I had purchased the "Serenity" trade paper back comic book. He was very gracious. I shook his hand, had him sign the book, and then Leslie, as if she was my mother and I was a five year old meeting Ronald McDonald for the first time, asked me if I wanted a picture. I took the picture, thanked him, and left. The only bad part was I was in such a star struck tizzy, I didn't think to give him an Atrox mini. Oh well, next time.

Saturday night was spent drinking. Most of this story can be found on Lindsay's blog. The one part that was solely mine, was when I saw Gotham Chopra, Deepak Chopra's son, kickin' it in the lobby. He had mediated the panel with his dad, and is the guy in charge of Virgin Comics, a new comics company under the Virgin label who's purpose is to publish comics using Indian (like, really from India) myth in most if not all of their titles. I told Gotham that I really liked the panel and that I thought the stuff their company was doing was awesome. He was very gracious and even asked my name and introduced me to his business partner who was with him.

Saturday's Mystery of the Day: What will Saturday's Mystery of the Day be?
Answer: ?

That's all I got. We left early on Sunday. I'll post more if I think of it.

Thursday, July 06, 2006



Not only did we get to see fireworks this week, we also get to see a new Atrox strip!


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